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'Split' (Felt 6)

Giovanni Lami (Ravenna, Italy, 1978) is a field recordist and musician who work within soundscape and sound-ecology boundaries. Since 2009, he has founded several projects, attending many workshops and teaching others about soundscaping and field recording techniques.
He played in venues including: Conservatorio B.Maderna (Cesena), DalVerme (Roma), Mu.Vi.Ment.S. Festival 2010 (Itri), Fondazione Giorgio Cini (Venezia), Festival C/off (Faenza), Schiume Festival (Venezia), Kernel Festival (Desio), NerosuBianco (Cesena), Tagofest VI (Massa), Florence Live Looping Festival (Firenze), Flussi2011 (Avellino), Spazio Elastico (Bologna), Barbur Gallery (Jerusalem), Rogatka (Tel Aviv), The Zimmer (Tel Aviv), Kreuzberg Pavillon (Berlin), Homework Festival (Bologna), Ravenna Festival (Ravenna), Teatro Fondamenta Nuove (Venezia), KNOT Gallery (Athens), Les Yper Yper (Thessaloniki), The Bee’s Mouth (Brighton), CafeOTO (London), HanaBi (Ravenna), Teatro Moderno (Agliana).
Graduated in Food Science and Technologies and in Photography, formerly photographer he had exhibitions among others in Ravenna, Modena, Genova, Roma, Acireale, San Sebastian – Spagna, Dhaka – Bangladesh, a couple of artistic residence (Basque Country and Norway), published some books and worked with several realities (from UNESCO in Ethiopia to Dead Meat, a concept clothes label, to OnOff a photo agency based in Rome).

Sublamp is Los Angeles based sound and video artist Ryan Connor (b. 1979 Socorro, NM). Raised by scientist parents living outside of various national parks in New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, Ryan developed an early fascination with nature and science that influenced his later work as an artist. Using textural sound and images, Ryan’s work explores an intuitive and emotional response to sensory experiences. His work has been published by Serac (USA), Pehr (USA), SEM (France), Dragon’s Eye Recordings (USA), Friendly Virus (Portugal), Ahora Eterno (Argentina) and Hibernate Recordings (UK).

Edition of 50 hand-numbered ferrik cassettes. Order it.

Released 7 Dec 2012.

album preview (.WAV 44.1kHz 24bit)