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Spit & Image (Felt 5)

I would like to stress how great collaborating with an artist like Quinn has been. It took us months to complete this project and I haven’t met a better, more open or positive person to collaborate with. We would critique each others work, pushing the project in a totally new and unexpected direction within a 5 minute conversation, but in such a smooth, cooperative and positive way that it was hard to remember that there had ever been an argument in the first place. I believe these experiences are reflected throughout the project musically & visually.

I discovered Software Wolf uploaded on a lonely Soundcloud profile with a couple of followers and two or three odd beat-driven songs. At first I was really confused. Who made these awesomely weird tunes? It took some effort, but after several messages and emails their creator was found. The album took some time to get compiled. Quinn and I tried our best to pay close attention to detail throughout the project. The idea of focusing the visual aspect of the release on Korea came a bit after we started the project. Quinn is located in Korea, for now, and both of us are really interested on the modern history of this troubled place. It made total sense to touch the subject somehow.

Edition of 50 hand-numbered ferrik cassettes. Order it.

Released 30 Nov 2012.

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